Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Black Bag #4

I'm back with another LBB! Surprise, surprise. I am addicted, and I can't stop. They just make it so dang hard to stop! 

This weeks bag is from about 4 weeks ago. Shipping to APO addresses takes a really, really long time for those of you who didn't know. Back when I had opened this bag, they were having a promotion where if you opened your bag with a pair of shoes, you got a free purse, along with your other normal stylist picks. I jumped on this offer as fast as I possibly could. Especially because there was a pair of rain boots that I had been lusting over for a month and with this promotion I couldn't pass it up. I just couldn't!!!

I had opened my bag with these Henry Ferrera rain booties. They are so absolutely perfect and quite possibly the cutest rain boots I've ever seen! The bag that was originally in my bag was a white and red chevron MMS bag and I think I had red nail polish and red earrings. So my bag was pretty matchy matchy. I really wasn't a huge fan of the bag, so I traded and traded and ended up with this studded lime Nila Anthony number. I actually wasn't excited about it until I received it in the mail and I love it! 

The red bow detail really makes these booties! I can't wear regular rain boots because I have huge, manly calves. It rains just about every day here in Italy so rain boots are somewhat of a necessity. When I saw these on the LBB site I had to snag them!
 The inside of this bag is so fun! The bag is a top handle messenger but it also comes with a shoulder strap. The bag came packaged in a Nila Anthony dust bag which I really appreciated! Thanks, LBB!

I ended up trading my earrings I had for these 1928 horseshoe studs. I absolutely love them! They're so dainty and such high quality! I traded my nail polish for a few things and I very happily ended up with this Melie Bianco pouch. It's the perfect size to carry around my few makeup essentials, my ID, and some cash. 
Overall, I am very pleased with this bag! I'm still obsessed with my MMS mint studded bag so I won't be using this Nila Anthony one for a while, but it's still so very cute. I can't wait for it to rain again so I can wear my rainboots! 

If you're thinking of trying out LBB please use my link to do so!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Products Worth/Not Worth The Hype

Hey ladies!

It's Megan here, and today I'll be telling you all about my beauty hits and misses. Please know that these products are the ones that did/didn't work for me. If I happen to talk about some of your favorite products as products I hate, remember that this is soley based on my opinion! 

Products Worth The Hype:

Untitled #1
Benefit They're Real! Mascara: This mascara just does wonders for my lashes. It lengthens them tremendously, it seperates like no other, and it even volumizes. I feel like I could put 10 coats on my lashes and they would never get spidery. This mascara is win all around.

Benefit Boxed Blushes: Benefit's boxed blushes are my favorite blushes ever. They're slightly expensive, I think they're around the $28 mark, but they're so worth it. I have used my Coralista blush almost every day for the past three months and I have yet to even start to make a dent. These come with so much product, you will never run out.

Wet N' Wild Eyeshadows: For the longest time I was put off by Wet N' Wild products. They were the products that I had used in jr. high when I first started getting into makeup. I didn't remember them being anwhere near as amazing as they actually are. I am so glad that I spent the $3 on my Comfort Zone palette (pictured above) because I use it almost every single day. They are definitely some of the more pigmented eyeshadows I've ever worked with.

Revlon Kissable Balm Stains: For the longest time I wouldn't jump on this bandwagon. But I have, and I won't be jumping off. These balm stains are the perfect every day lipsticks.They're hydrating, easy to wear, and give the most perfect amount of color.

Products Not Worth The Hype:

products not worth the hype

Revlon ColorStay Eyeshadow:
I really just hate this. I own two of them, for whatever reason, and you really have to dig to get any sort of color pay off. I have seen so many raves about them and I just do not understand why. These eyeshadows are a complete miss for me.
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation: One word: Orange. 
Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies: This miss actually goes for most of the Volum' Express collection. My eyelashes are pretty short and sparse, so most mascaras are just a pain in the ass for me. The only mascara from this collection that I've gotten to work for me is The Rocket. Even it doesn't work every day for me. I blame it on my lashes, not so much the product. But alas, this is a miss for me.
Revlon Lip Butters: Oh no. I'm probably going to hit a nerve with the beauty community. While I do own quite a few of these lip colors, four to be exact, I am just not a fan. But I am crazy and I like to waste my money. I am a lipstick kind of girl. I like there to be a good amount of color pay off. I don't like tints or sheer colors. I like full on color. Even for day to day, I still like it to be noticable. These babies just don't do it for me. 
MAC Brushes: Once again, I'm probably hitting a nerve here, but whatever. I just don't like MAC brushes. Period. I find that my $3 elf brushes and my Real Techniques do a far better job. Not to mention they are much, much softer. If you're looking for new makeup brushes, don't waste your money here. Go with elf or Real Techniques. I would even recommend Eco Tools over MAC. 

Well, that's all for my hits and misses! I actually have so many more hits, but I figured this post was long enough. I hope that if you were on the hunt for any new products, this post helps you out! Honestly, it took me a while to do the misses because I like to do a lot of research on products before I buy them. I encourage you to do the same, before going out and spending your money. 

Until next week!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Monty Python and My Holy Grail Products

Well hi there! 

I am SO sorry for my lack of posts over the past week. Life has been so crazy here in Italy, I just haven't had the time to sit down and actually blog. But let me tell you, I am so beyond excited to be back! I have acquired way too many new products over the past week that I am dying to share with you guys! One of them being two sets of brushes that everyone in the beauty community is raving about. You know which ones I'm talking about. But more about those later. Today, I'm sharing with you my Holy Grail products! Whoot!

The products you see above are the ones that I use pretty much on a daily basis and they're also products that I plan on repurchasing over and over again. Some of these have been staples for me for years, others are newer, but they're holding their own in my most reaced for. 

Revlon ColorStay Foundation: This foundation is my most favorite foundation of all. I just picked this up about two or three months ago, but i've already used it more than foundations that have been in my collection for six. It is super light weight and the coverage is beautiful. It definitely is more of a light-medium coverage, but it is certainly buildable! 
Benefit Coralista Blush: Oh, Coralista! I could go on and on about this blush and I could still probably never telll you how much I love it. The color is perfect for all year round, the texture is the softest I've ever felt, and it smells AMAZING! Benefit really hit the nail on the head with their boxed blushes, and Coralista, to me, is just the most perfect of them all. 
Benefit Hello Flawless! Powder: One of my very first posts was a dupe for this beauty, and even though the e.l.f. dupe is lovely, I still tend to reach for Hello Flawless. On days where I'm not in the mood for foundation, I wear only this powder and it evens out my skin tone, covers any imperfections, and really just makes my skin look flawless! I've been using this powder for 2 or 3 years now and I don't think I will ever stop. 
Benefit They're Real! Mascara: About a year ago I tried this mascara and for whatever reason I hated it. But about a month ago after all of the rave and hype on blogs and YouTube, I decided to give it another go. Boy oh boy am I glad I did! This mascara volumizes, lengthens, thickens, etc. Everything you could ever possibly want a mascara to do, it does! I really have not the slightest clue as to why I hated this product! It's the best mascara ever. EVER! 
Wet n' Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette: I'm sure this comes as no surprise, as everyone and their mother raves about this palette. I can see why! After months of waiting for the PX to restock this baby, they finally got it and I was the first to pick this lovely product up. I had my doubts about it, but after buying it, I will gladly say that I use this more than my Naked2. The colors are so smooth and pigmented. It is definitely my most used eyeshadow palette ever. 
Clinique Chubby Stick Intense: You've all seen Revlons version of this product, and sadly, it gets way more hype than the original. I say sadly, because the Chubby Sticks are the most moisturizing lip products I've ever used, and the colors are so beautiful! I can't say that I like the regular Chubby Sticks too much, but the Intense versions are incredible. Talk about pigmented! I always forget about this lovely because I have so many lip products, but this one always finds its way back to being my favorite, time and time again. 
Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume: For my 18th birthday, my husband (boyfriend at the time) bought my my first bottle of Daisy. Since then (about a year and a half) I've gone through two bottles. This scent is the most perfect, light floral scent you will ever smell. Every time I go out with this on, I get compliments. If you have never smelled Daisy, go to your nearest Sephora right this very second and ask the sales lady to make you a sample. RIGHT NOW!

I feel like I can't speak about Holy Grails without sharing with you one of the most famous, so here you go:

I hope you guys enjoyed my Holy Grails! Let me know which products are yours so I can give them a try! 

Until next week, 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Curious Ginger: Holy Grail Products

Hey guys! 

It's Lauren again from The Curious Ginger and this week, Megan and I are telling you guys about our Holy Grail Products.

I have obviously left out essential everyday products like soap, deodorant etc., but these are some products that I will repurchase when they run out! :)

  1. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer  I love this concealer. It works so well on blemishes, under eye circles, redness or discolouration and its just an overall good concealer. The texture of this is really smooth and creamy which makes it a dream to apply/blend. 
  2. Revlon Colorstay Foundation Combination/Oily Version I love this foundation. It has a decent amount of coverage and it works really well with a damp makeup sponge, or if you're strapped for time, then it also works well with your fingers. I love that it is transfer resistant as well!
  3. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder- I mentioned this in last weeks post but I couldn't leave this out! I feel like I would be lying to you guys (and to myself!) As I have said before this powder does the job well, and keeps me shine free all day. A must have for me. 
  4. Maybelline Rocket Mascara  Again, I have mentioned this before but I love this mascara. Everytime I wear it I get compliments, and it makes my lashes really voluminous and curly, and doesn't smudge. I can't complain at all!
  5. Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner I use this every day before I do my makeup, and every night before I go to bed without fail. It keeps my lips hydrated without being too greasy or having an overpowering taste. 
  6. Hawaiian Tropic Lip Gloss 'Island Berry'  This is my absolute favourite lipgloss of all time! I love how it looks on my lips, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVVEEEE the taste/smell. Its so fruity yet sweet at the same time. I love it! It also has SPF in, so its great for the summer because often we neglect our lips, and trust me when you burn them, you know about it!
  7. Benefit Benetint  I have had this sample for a good year and a half, and its still going strong. I love this because you can use it as a lip stain, or on your cheeks too. It looks really natural and its so easy to use! 
So, there are my Holy Grail Products! If you want to see Megan's, then click here!

See you all next week!!

What are your holy grail products?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Little Black Bag #2

Hey everyone! 

I'm back with my second little black bag, it's actually my first but it came in the mail late. Yay for APO shipping! -_- I am so beyond pleased with this bag!

 When  ordering this bag online, I had thought that the bag was more of a hot pink color and I thought it would be more shiny. After ordering it I thought that I had made a huge mistake. But boy was I wrong! It's not shiny at all and it's a beautiful bright red. It definitely makes a statement!

Being that this was my very first bag, I wasn't exactly sure on how to trade, so I didn't really bother with it. I kind of wish that I would've given it a shot, but I can't really complain with any of my add on items. The 1928 earrings are of such good quality! The necklace is nice too, but it was something that I wish I would've traded. I'm slightly disappointed in the Redken conditioner, as I thought that it was about twice the size that it actually is. I will still be able to get two or three good uses out of this, though. Redken is a great brand, so I know this will be a great product!

I hope you guys enjoyed this peek into my LBB! Just so you know, if you sign up now you get 10% off of your first bag! Also, if you decide to join, tell them I sent you! *open to US, Canada, APO & US Territories only!

Until next time!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Curious Ginger: My Everyday Face

Hello again!

It's that time of the week where I get the pleasure of writing for Megan's voice, and todays post is going to be what I use everyday on my face. 

As it's been getting warmer in England, I've changed a few of my products around to incorporate a tad more colour, without being overly drastic. Also bear in mind that I have to go to school every day, and they're not too keen on us wearing a load of makeup. 

Without further ado, here are the products I like to use on a daily basis.

(Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Maybelline 'The Rocket' Volum' Express Mascara, Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti, MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study, Urban Decay Naked Pallette)

(Please note, I am not as great as taking pictures as Megan is....sorry!)

Face Products

  • I use the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in the shade 51 Vanille Clair. I like this alot because it has a really natural finish to it, and it's also very moisturizing which I like alot for summer. I also love the smell of this!
  • The next product I use is the infamous Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in the shade Light. Even though the packaging rubs off really easily, you really cannot fault this product. Its really creamy, and high coverage, and it also really does last all day!
  • To set my makeup and to keep me shine-free, I use the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. It really keeps me matte all day long, and it doesn't look cakey. 

Eye + Lip Products

  • Firstly, I apply MAC Paintpot in Bare Study all over my eye lids, as it makes me look really awake, and alert (I'm really not majority of the time!) After that, I take the shade Naked from the Urban Decay Naked Pallette and blend it softly into my crease.
  • I then curl my lashes and apply The Rocket Volum Express mascara to them. This mascara holds a curl well, and doesn't seem to smudge.
  • Lastly, I'll apply Revlon's Colorburst Lip Butter in the shade 'Tutti Frutti' because even though it looks overpowering in the tube, it looks really quite subtle on my lips, and it adds just enough colour! 

So that's it! My every day face. If you would like to see Megans Blog Post then click (here) and if you'd like to check out my blog then you can click here!

Thanks for staying with me and sorry for the poor quality pics! I'm trying to get better :P See you next week! xx

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Little Black Bag

Hi ladies! 

Last month, I found out about the website Little Black Bag. If you haven't heard about LBB, let me tell you all about it! Little Black Bag is a monthly subscription service unlike any other! Instead of a $20 box every month filled with sample size products, you get an amazing box ($29.95-$49.95 depending on which item you open with) filled with amazing, full sized products! And it gets better! Instead of having the company choose for you, you get to pick one full size item of your choice- a bag, shoes, or jewelry- and LBB's stylists pick up to three extra items for you. These items are typically jewelry, scarves, wallets, makeup, etc. Don't like what the stylist picks? No big deal! You get an entire week to trade out those things with other people for whatever you want on that's available on the site! It's a super fun way to shop! You do have the option to skip months, so don't worry, you won't automatically be charged for a bag every month unless you chose to do so!
*limited to US, Canada, APO and US Territory addresses only.* 


Your Little Black Bag comes in a big white box, which is super cute, and when you open the box, all of your items are wrapped in black tissue paper. 

*Retail $12
*Retail $70
My original stylist picks were a pair of earrings and a necklace that I wasn't too crazy about, so I got my tradin' on. I ended up with four or five things, and I had to trade four of those for these black half suede, half glitter booties. I love them so much and they fit perfectly! The last item that I ended up with were these adorable round, mustard colored studs. I thought that they were going to be much bigger and slightly cheap looking, but they're actually pretty tiny and are a very sturdy metal. I am more than pleased!

*Retail $60

Oh, this bad baby! As soon as I saw this I knew that I had to have it! This was the item that I chose to open my bag withAfter having it sit in my open bag for a few days, I kind of got skeptical of it, so I traded for its black twin. At the last minute, I changed my mind and decided that I absolutely had to have it back. I am so happy that I got it! It's actually very nice quality, and it's such a gorgeous color! Emerald was the color of the year, after all! My favorite part of this bag are the studs on the bottom. It gives it a really nice "edge." 

I have to say that I am so happy with Little Black Bag! It is such an awesome, innovative idea. It's definitely one of those "I can't belive I never thought of that" ideas. I must warn you before you go, once you start, you will not be able to stop! It's the most addictive way to shop online! 

Now, head on over to LBB and get started now! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Home, Sweet Home

Yesterday, we FINALLY got our stuff! You guys honestly have no Idea how excited I am to start setting everything up. I need to nest! The house is no where near where I want it to be just yet, but that will be fixed soon! I see a few IKEA trips in my near future. I apologize in advance for the picture overload, but I am a tad bit excited about this and I wanted to share all of my cute things with you guys! I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into my house!

The Living Room:

 I have an obsession with Modern Family. It's always on. ALWAYS.

If you don't already know, I am really into photography. Decorating my living room in cameras wasn't exactly planned, however. One day I was browsing through Hobby Lobby (an American craft store for those of you who don't know) and I came across the worlds most amazing fabric, covered in black and white vintage cameras. I bought a few yards and immediately mailed it to my MIL to make some pillows out of. I didn't intend for them to be used on my couches, since my couches are tan, but it just kind of happened. The colors aren't perfect together, but I don't care too much. 


Our living room is kind of ginormous. It's supposed to be a living/dining area, I think. In the dining room half, there is a section of windows where I decided to make a little sitting area. The chairs are pretty ugly, but they're just temporary.  The mantel in the picture above is in the center of the dining/living area. I am so excited to decorate this according to the seasons! Also, I have a slight obsession with orchids. I have two in my house right now, but I'm planning on adding more as soon as I can. They're my favorite!

The Bedroom:

I have so many plans for this room as far as decorating goes. I want it to be nice and bright, so it's easier to wake up and start my day each morning. I have an obession with the yellow/grey combo. I think that it's really classy looking, and also isn't too girly. Being married, I couldn't really have a girly, floral and pastel themed room. I added a few girly touches though, with the little bit of floral and bows on the accent pillows. I think that's about as much as I can get away with. Eventually, I would like a couple of chevron chairs and an ottoman to make a small reading area with. I want our bedroom to be as inviting and as comfortable as the living room. 
Hopefully, over the next few months I will be able to really bring our house together to make it a home. Slowly but surely, it'll get there. Once everything is all in its place, I will post pictures of the actual rooms, instead of just my furniture and whatnot. 

I hope you all have an awesome weekend! Tomorrow, the husband and I are going to Venice! I can't wait! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Curious Ginger

Hey everyone!

Starting this month, I'm doing a few collabs with two great girls! Every Wednesday and Friday will be dedicated to their guest posts. I'm so excited to be doing this! All three of us are all pretty new to the blogosphere, so I thought this would be a great way for us to gain support and make a few new friends! 

When you're done reading, please head over to Lauren's blog and experience her little piece of the internet for yourself! 
P.S. You can read my posts on her blog every Wednesday for the month of May!


You may be wondering who's this on Megan's blog- but fear not! My name is Lauren, and I'm from the blog The Curious Ginger.

Megan and I have decided that throughout the month of May, we are going to do some guest posts on each others blogs! It's going to be such a fun thing to do and I look forward to it! 

Todays post is going to be an introduction to me, and also a little about my blog, so lets get started!

About Me!

My name is Lauren, and I live in the South of England.
I am 16 years old, and currently studying for my GCSE's (exams in England)
I have a weird obsession with turtles (it all started from that kid saying 'i like turtles' anyone remember him??)
I have a cat, who I love!!!

I love watching YouTube videos, and reading beauty blogs.
I'm unsure on what I want to be when I'm older, however I know I'd like to be doing something involving beauty. 

So you can put a name to a face!

About My Blog

I guess in the blogging world, you'd call me an ametuer as I started my blog back in February. The main reason I wanted to start my blog was to share reviews and beauty tips with other people who are interested in those kind of things, and so far I've met some lovely people! 
On my blog, its a mixture of beauty and lifestyle posts, but hey! Variety is the spice of life!

So yeah! That's basically me in a nutshell:) If you would like to find out more, then head over to my blog!

If you want to see Megan's post on my blog click here!

Thank you for reading, and I'm looking forward to the month of May!! 

Lauren xx