Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Product Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

What a mouthful, right? But a wonderful mouthful! Up until this weekend, I wasn't quite sold on the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. But after finding the most amazing color ever, my eyes opened to this amazing product. All I can say is, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon.




The three colors that I own are Smitten (030) Rendezvous (040) and Romantic (045). These balm stains retail for about $8. For you military wives, these babies are sold at the PX/BX for $6! I was browsing around the shelves and saw that there was only Rendezvous left, and the wrapper had been opened, but the product itself hadn't been tampered with. Since it was "opened" I got this baby for less than $5. Go me!
I find that these lip balm stains are very moisturizing. I really like the way that they feel on my lips. They leave just the right amount of color on your lips. I am not a lipgloss girl, because I like something with more color payoff/lasting power, but most days I just don't feel like wearing a full on lipstick So I find that these are perfect for every day wear. 


The color that got me hooked was Rendezvous. I think it's the most beautiful coral that I've ever seen. It's a very true coral, too. Not too much pink, not too much red. It leans more on the orange side, and I've been looking for something like that for a long time. 


This is Smitten. It's a purpley/pink color. I had expected it to be much darker than it actually is, but I guess I like the color. It's growing on me, that's for sure. 


The last color I have is Romantic, and I do believe this is the most red of the shades. For me, it's a very subtle red. It reminds me of the stain that's left on your lips after eating a red popsicle! It's the perfect amount of color for those days where you don't want to be too "out there."

Overall, I like these. I feel that because I wasn't crazy about the first two colors I had bought, I didn't understand the hype. After picking up Rendezvous though, I am 100% hooked and I now highly recommend these. If you're looking for something will full color and that has more than a few hours of staying power, these aren't for you. But if you want a subtle pop of color that will last 2-3 hours, then this is your product! I hope this review helped!



  1. I really want to try these, great post x

  2. I was thinking about getting one of these but I wasn't sure. Now I've seen them on I'm going to have to get one! Smitten is gorgeous for summer!!


  3. oh wow they look great! I am seriously thinking about getting some for the summer :) x

  4. i have Rendezvous and i was smitten with it and that got me on bandwagon too! how strange i am only 15 i was like umming and erring over it thinking is the right colour for a teenager? but i gave up and got it! :D

  5. Rendezvous is a beautiful color! I will definitely have to try this balm out! I am not much of a make-up fanatic, but I feel that this color would pop on me! It is nice to feel gorgeous every once in a while (: