Friday, May 31, 2013

Little Black Bag #4

I'm back with another LBB! Surprise, surprise. I am addicted, and I can't stop. They just make it so dang hard to stop! 

This weeks bag is from about 4 weeks ago. Shipping to APO addresses takes a really, really long time for those of you who didn't know. Back when I had opened this bag, they were having a promotion where if you opened your bag with a pair of shoes, you got a free purse, along with your other normal stylist picks. I jumped on this offer as fast as I possibly could. Especially because there was a pair of rain boots that I had been lusting over for a month and with this promotion I couldn't pass it up. I just couldn't!!!

I had opened my bag with these Henry Ferrera rain booties. They are so absolutely perfect and quite possibly the cutest rain boots I've ever seen! The bag that was originally in my bag was a white and red chevron MMS bag and I think I had red nail polish and red earrings. So my bag was pretty matchy matchy. I really wasn't a huge fan of the bag, so I traded and traded and ended up with this studded lime Nila Anthony number. I actually wasn't excited about it until I received it in the mail and I love it! 

The red bow detail really makes these booties! I can't wear regular rain boots because I have huge, manly calves. It rains just about every day here in Italy so rain boots are somewhat of a necessity. When I saw these on the LBB site I had to snag them!
 The inside of this bag is so fun! The bag is a top handle messenger but it also comes with a shoulder strap. The bag came packaged in a Nila Anthony dust bag which I really appreciated! Thanks, LBB!

I ended up trading my earrings I had for these 1928 horseshoe studs. I absolutely love them! They're so dainty and such high quality! I traded my nail polish for a few things and I very happily ended up with this Melie Bianco pouch. It's the perfect size to carry around my few makeup essentials, my ID, and some cash. 
Overall, I am very pleased with this bag! I'm still obsessed with my MMS mint studded bag so I won't be using this Nila Anthony one for a while, but it's still so very cute. I can't wait for it to rain again so I can wear my rainboots! 

If you're thinking of trying out LBB please use my link to do so!

Happy Friday!

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