Friday, March 1, 2013

Product Dupe: Benefit Hello Flawless VS. e.l.f. Pressed Powder

     I'm so excited about this post! It's my very first "dupe" find. Both products are ones that I absolutely love, and they are by my two most favorite brands, Benefit and EyesLipsFace. For those of you that don't know, Benefit is a more high end brand, and e.l.f. is an EXTREMELY affordable brand that makes high end quality products.
     Before I left the states I had gotten three huge e.l.f. hauls, and a lot of new Benefit products. My favorite Benefit product is the Hello Flawless Custom Powder-Cover Up and I was so excited to see that e.l.f. had a product that was very similar, for a small fraction of the price. Benefit's powder is $34.00. E.l.f.'s powder is $3.00
    IMG_0303IMG_0304 IMG_0305
e.l.f. Pressed Powder in color "Sand." Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Powder Cover-up in color "Honey."
    Both powders come in very similar packaging. Hello Flawless has 7.0g of product, where e.l.f Pressed Powder has 6.5g. There's not too much a difference in the amount of product, as you can tell. Both containers contain a mirror in the lid and the make-up tin flips up to reveal the sponges/brush. Benefit contains a small brush and a sponge. E.l.f. contains a sponge only.
    Both products claim to be a powder with "customize-able/build-able coverage." Both of these colors are VERY similar and the coverage is almost exact. Hello Flawless has a slightly orange undertone, where e.l.f has a more pink undertone. Both colors are still very similar once on the skin. The Pressed Powder is a bit more powdery than Hello Flawless, but I personally prefer the coverage of it. However, Hello Flawless is still one of my go-to's. The coverage of these two powders are unlike any others that I have tried. They are definitely my two top recommended. IMG_0313
Top-Hello Flawless, Bottom-E.l.f. Pressed Powder.
    Overall, I love both powders almost equally, but with e.l.f. having a slight advantage. I somewhat prefer the coverage/color and I LOVE the price! If you have $34.00 plus tax I would definitely say go for Hello Flawless. If you are like me and love a good bargain, then DEFINITELY go with e.l.f. No other drug-store brand can even compare to this formula, and it is even cheaper than most drug-store brands!E.l.f. gets 5 stars in my book and Benefit 4 stars, only because $34.00 is a bit pricey for a powder. I hope that this review helped you, if you were wondering about either product. Be sure to check out the links below to get your own! *E.l.f.'s Studio Line is 50% off right now, so you can get this powder for only $1.50!
 E.l.f. Pressed Powder
 Benefit Hello Flawless




  1. Sounds like a great product... makes me wanna go check it out!

    1. It is DEFINITELY worth the $3 that it costs!