Thursday, February 28, 2013

Italy: Day One

Hey guys!

IMG_1618      We are finally in Italy. We arrived last night after a very, very long day. The jet lag was horrible last night, but after a full night of sleep, I'd say the husband and I are used to the time already. We had some hiccups at the Paris airport, and found out that one of my bags (my most important bag) was sent to Amsterdam. It was just a rough day. :(
      Today while hubs was in processing, I went out with a new friend and went to lunch and ventured into Downtown Vicenza. I am seriously so in love with everything. I'm already dreading moving back to the states and that's not even for another three years. I just love it here so much.

IMG_1624 IMG_1622 IMG_1627        So far, we've gotten cell phones, gotten a little familiar with the post, and hubs has done some in processing. Not too much happened today, but I'll certainly keep you updated. As soon as I get my bag from Venice, I will be posting more "beauty" related topics, rather than just updating you all on my personal life. :) That is a huge reason why I am so sad/angry about my bag not coming in. I have nothing to blog about other than my day to day and Army life. Soon though, I'll be able to post about what I had intended. XOXO, Megan