Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rants of an Army Wife: The First of Many

Today, I won't be talking about anything beauty related. So to my readers who come here for those reasons, you may want to just go back to whatever webpage you were at before coming here. 

First of all, I hate the army. Well, not all the time, just at times were they do incredibly stupid stuff. Like today. Actually, they do incredibly stupid stuff all the time, but whatever. Why do I hate the army? Well, because everything has to be ridiculously complicated. Actually, ridiculously complicated is the biggest understatement ever. 
Calling a specific phone number on post should not be this complicated. Why the hell would you have a specific phone number, and then in order to call that phone number, you have to add 4 numbers and drop 3 numbers. And if that doesnt work, you have to change the 4 numbers that you added. Like, how in the hell does that even make sense? 
Oh, and then when the Italians can't understand you, what do they do? They just transfer you to Germany. Because that makes so much sense!
Why did I need to get in touch with an office on post, might you ask? So I could track our shipment of, well pretty much everything we own, that left the states on February 25th. 
Well, after calling sixteen, SIXTEEN different numbers, I finally was able to speak to someone who knew where all of our stuff was. Where was our stuff? In Italy. In a warehouse. How long has it been here? Almost a month. Oh, but they sent out an e-mail. An e-mail that has to be confirmed before they can deliver our stuff. 
There was never an e-mail. 
So now, they have to resend an e-mail that should have been sent three weeks ago. I can't just call the movers and tell them to deliver my stuff, we have to tell them via e-mail. WHAT THE ACTUAL F***?!?!?
Why do I need to tell you in an e-mail when I just told you on the phone?! 

So, anyways. This is my day. This is my great, amazing, fantastic day. 

How's your day going?


  1. Can't believe they've had your stuff for so long! I know your pain with the phone numbers, I worked for army welfare service for the past two summers and I'd always try and avoid ringing people from the office because I see people trying to get through to other people and it hardly ever works! Hope you manage to sort it out! xx

  2. I just want to say, I feel your pain!! Everything is made so complicated in the makes no sense! Hope you get your stuff soon!