Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Favorites And The Cutest Song Ever

This month has seriously flown by. It seems like every month has since we first found out we were moving to Italy back in December. It has just been nonstop going! I can't wait for May to be here. We are finally getting all of our furniture on Thursday, and in about two weeks my mom will be here with my puppy! You guys seriously can't imagine my excitement! 
This month I've also gotten a lot of really awesome beauty products! Probably more than one could possibly need, but eh, a girl needs her cosmetics!!!


This month my top favorites have been the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, Benefit's The Bronze of
Champions kit, Cliniques Take The Day Off makeup remover, KIKO Milan False Lash Concentrate, Benefit's Coralista blush, Revlon ColorStay foundation, and Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer.


If you guys have never tried any of Benefit's kits, shame on you! Seriously. Benefit is a pretty pricey brand, and their kits make getting their products very affordable. If you're a makeup hoarder like I am, then these kits are perfect. You get just the right amount of product. I'd say they're all about half of the size of the actual product, and with Benefit, a little goes a very long way. So even though you're getting deluxe sample sizes of these products, you're definitelly getting enough to last you a very long time.


This baby is the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay. If you haven't heard of this, where in the world have you been? I feel like I really can't say much about this, other than it's absolutely amazing. Just get one for yourself. 


Benefit's Coralista is my favorite blush. Ever. Hands down. I originally got this in one of the kits and I had to get the full size. I have used this almost every day for the past two or three months and I am nowhere near hitting pan.


I found this mascara primer at an Italian makeup store. I belive the name is KIKO. This stuff is just incredible. It makes my lashes about twice as long as they actually are. This is the best mascara primer I have ever used.


I am really loving Revlon lately. I was never a huge fan, but recently I'm just on a kick. This foundation has been my most used for the past month and I don't see myself getting tired of it any time soon.


Clinique has never been a brand that I've tried a lot of or been too interested in. This makeup remover though is something that I've been using for years. It removes waterproof eye makeup effortlessly.


Summer is right around the corner and I am trying so hard to get tan! I don't tan very well in the sun. I don't burn or anything, I just kind of stay the same. I've been using this for the past few weeks and I love it! It really does give you a nice, natural glow. I'd say it's gotten me about 1 1/2 shades darker and it's helped me build a nice base tan so I can tan in the sun. 

I am so madly in love with this song! If you don't know, Hunter Hayes is a Country singer from Louisiana. Just another reason that I love him. This song is so darn adorable, as is all of his songs. But this one is my favorite. Besides the one he wrote for Act of Valor. Since that song is about a military relationship, it just hits home. But anyways, listen to this song and love it as much as I do! PLEASE! And after you listen, go to iTunes and download his CD! It's just perfect and I swear you won't regret it!

Sorry about the length of this post. If you actually stuck around to read all of it, I appluad you! Have an awesome day, ladies!


  1. ugh! benefit comes up with the cutest kits!! I want them allll

    1. OMG! Don't they?! I can never pass up getting one because they're just so perfect!

  2. Love Benefit kits! What do you think of the Watt's Up? Really want to give it a go.

    - Sara from beautytalkbys.blogspot.com

    1. Watt's Up is probablu my favorite high lighter! It's a light, golden pinkish shade. It's so pretty!

  3. The Revlon ColorStay is a favorite of mine too! Great post!