Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Pamper Routine

     Over the past month or so, I've been developing a weekly pamper routine. After trying many different products, I think I've finally found what's working the best for me. This little routine currently only involves my hair and face, but I do plan on adding to it to include the rest of my body as well. This routine focuses on my dry skin and hair. As the weather is getting colder, both of those things seem to be getting dryer. These are the things I've been using to help combat that dryness.

Before I start with my face, I like to start with my hair so it's able to soak up all of the conditioning goodness of the hair masque for a bit longer. This deep repair masque is packed with oils like macadamia, tea tree, and argan just to name a few. It works to reconstruct dry, damaged hair, which is exactly what I need. I like to leave this on my hair for at least thirty minutes, but preferably an hour. This conditioner does wonders with restoring the moisture and shine in my hair. It leaves my hair feeling incredibly smooth and silky. It's a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth the splurge. 
After I've washed out and rinsed the masque, I like to finish it off with the ECRU Acacia Protien BB Cream. This cream is full of oils and amino acids to help strengthen, protect, and restore the shine to your locks. 

     For my face, I've been sticking to more natural things. I made a trip to Lush earlier this month and I picked up a few things that have turned into forever staples. I start off with the Cupcake (Terra-madre) Fresh Face Mask to help with my hormonal chin acne. I've had a lot of flare ups this month so I needed something to help with that and the saleswoman recommended this to me. The Rhassoul mud helps to deeply clarify the skin. Best part? It smells like chocolate with a bit of a mint twist!
After I let this dry for about 20 minutes, I rinse off and follow up with Let The Good Times Roll cleanser. This also smells absolutely incredible! It's so sweet! The corn oil in this helps to deeply moisturize my dry skin. It's also exfoliating, which helps to remove all of the dead skin. The masque is a little harsh and can be a bit drying, so afterwards I could definitely use the help from this little beauty. After it's all done, I like to finish off with my Eau Roma Water Toner. I like to leave this in my fridge so it's even more refreshing. The rose water and lavender help to hydrate and even out skin tone.
     I like to do this routine on Sundays, to help cleanse everything from the week before and start the new week with freshly pampered skin and hair. Starting the week feeling beautiful is so important and this really does the trick for me, as far as appearances go. What special things to do you like to do to help out your skin and hair? Let me know!


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