Friday, August 9, 2013

Cozy Spaces

I feel that part of the reason that I lack motivation for blogging, is because of my lack of legitimate work space. The vast majority of the time when I post, I'm posting from my couch. Now, it may just be me, but I've always been one of those people who need a more structured work enviroment, something more along the lines of a home office. 
Like most girls these days, I'm constantly browsing the pages of Pinterest for inspiration for my one day blogging room/office. I could seriously spend hours going through pins that fill my head with crazy decorating ideas. Will I ever actually have a room all to myself as beautiful as the ones on Pinterest? Probably not. Will I ever actually have a room all to myself that's half as beautiful as the ones on Pinterest? It could happen!

I have a rather tiny den space in our house here in Italy. It's what we call the "downstairs" and there is really nothing there, and it's never been used. The natural light in the room is incredible, and the staircase and floors are marble. I'm in love with this room and I would absolutely love to make it my office! All I need is a desk and some type of organization system for my makeup, and I'll be set! 

This is the desk that my heart desires, but I can't get my husband to take me to Ikea. Oh, the struggle! I feel like this desk would just be the perfect size and the drawers would be perfect to store all of my makeup! Maybe one day soon I will work up the nerve to drive myself there, but those chances are super slim. 
***driving in Italy is the scariest thing ever!!! I don't venture out alone too often. 

How do you feel about home offices? Do you need your own little space to be productive?

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