Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who's Got Time For That?

   I used to have a blog that I kept up with for about 2 years. I would occasionally go a week or two without posting, sometimes even months. I enjoyed doing it, but I didn't love doing it. This blog on the other hand, I absolutely love, but it seems like something is always coming up that keeps me from posting. 
   If any of you actually pay attention, you'll notice that I never post on Saturday or Sunday. If I do, it's because I did my homework and actually scheduled posts!The reason I don't post on these two days are because of my husband. No, he doesn't keep me from doing it, if that's what you're wondering. Those are just the only two days that we really have to spend quality time together. 
   Now, why don't I post every other day of the week? Well, the answer to that is quite simple. Kind of. I have the worst A.D.D. in the world. It can take me hours to write a post. Seriously. Between taking pictures, sorting through them, writing a post, proof reading it, etc., I could be here all morning and afternoon. Keeping a legitimate schedule is the hardest thing for me. With all of my housewife duties, errands, and working out, I'm normally only left with one full day a week to actually sit down and write a well thought out entry. But by this point, I have a million ideas running through my head and actuallly completing the task becomes impossible. 
   My question is, especially for those of you busy housewives or students, how do you stay on top of your blog? Do you follow a schedule, or do you just let the magic happen when it happpens? What are your tips and tricks for balancing a blog on top of your already hectic schedule? 

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  1. There are two of us so it is a bit easier to balance uni and blogging. Sometimes when we are on breaks or have free time we just stock up on posts or right down ideas. We're new to blogging so we're still learning the ropes but one thing we have definitely grasped is that blogging can definitely be time consuming.