Friday, June 7, 2013

Little Black Bag...What Number Is This?

Aaaaaaaand we're back with another LBB. Of course. I'm sure those of you who aren't able to try out this amazing company are super tired of seeing what's always in my bags, but I don't care. I'm too excited and I love this company too much to not share it with those of you who are able to! 

Back to ront, left to right: Melie Bianco Color Block Satchel, Clairol Professional Leave in Conditioner, Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Oyster Glow, Deux Lux Gigi Coin Pouch, Lydell NYC Skinny Oval Earrings

I was really trying to save up all of my credits and whatnot and hold off on opening a new bag. Until I got an email from LBB announcing that a, they had just gotten new Melie Bianco bags and b, they were giving away 2(?) Pixi products with each bag. I had neve tried Pixi products before and being the beauty junkie that I am, I couldn't resist. Dammit, I just couldnt!

I was in need of a really good waterline color, and when I saw this color on LBB I had to have it. The color is a gorgeous champagne pink/white. It glides on super smooth and lasts all day! After leaving that swatch on my hand for a few seconds to dry, it would not smudge no matter how hard I tried. I am so very pleased with this product!

I had traded one of my Pixi items for this leave-in conditioner. I honestly can't tell you how well it works just yet because I haven't used it. I was in the market for a good leave in conditioner as my hair is super dry, tangly, and is lacking moisture. I'm hoping it'll fix my problems!

I ended up getting stuck with these earrings, as noone would trade for them. I do like these in person,  but they are a bit heavy so I'm not sure how often I will actually wear them.

I was able to trade one of my add ons for this cute little coin purse. I was worried that it would feel super cheap, but to my surprise, it doesnt! It's super smooth and sturdy. It's a little small for my liking, as I was hoping I could fit my iPhone5 in it, but it's about an inch too short. It'll make a nice little pouch for lipgloss an powder!

This little girl. AH! I had opened the email, saw this one and had to have it! When I went to LBB immeditaley after recieving the email, they were already sold out. There was a melon and coral one that I ended up purchasing in the beginning to try to trade for this one. It took me almost my full week of trading to get someone to do that with me. I am so happy I finally got it! This is my first Melie Bianco bag and I am sure it won't be my last. The feaux leather feels real and is so soft. I love the detail in the lining!

I'd say that this is probably my favorite LBB yet! I am so pleased with LBB and their service! If you want to check them out (US and Canada residents only!) please use my link to do so!

Have an awesome weekend, ladies!

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  1. Wow so prettty, love the bag! The colours are perfect for summer :)

    If you have a spare minute, I've recently uploaded my first OOTD on Youtube, the link is on my latest post. I'd love it if you could take a look, maybe give me feedback and/or like & subscribe! Lucy xx