Saturday, March 9, 2013

Our Italian Villa: A Sneak Peek

Why, hello there!

    As promised, here are the pictures of our new home in Italy. It's not ours quite yet, but we have started the leasing process and it will be ours in about two weeks. This house is HUGE, has a pretty "Americanized"  kitchen, AMAZING views, a huge yard, and best of all, a room that is nothing but closet storage! You can probably guess which part is my favorite. ;)
***I apologize for the horrible quality of these photos. All I had on my that day was my iPhone and I shot these all really quickly.***

IMG_1716 IMG_1707 
  The first picture is the view from one of our living room windows. We can see the entire city of Vicenza from our living room! The second photo is only about two thirds of our gigantic living room. I'm obsessed with the beams and the fire place! You can't see it in this photo, but one wall is nothing but a huge built-in entertainment center. IMG_1706 
    Excuse my husband's booty, but this is our kitchen! Yes, it's a bit outdated, by American standards, but by Italian standards, this is an amazing kitchen. My favorite part is all of the counter space. Also, the room my husband is peeking in is a huge storage closet. The house has two or three of these huge closets and I love them. IMG_1715 IMG_1714 IMG_1713     

  The first picture is my bathroom. It's all pink and grey tile. Don't you just love that window above the tub?! My husbands bathroom isn't pictured, but it's all yellow and grey tile. It's the same set up pretty much, it just may be a tab bigger. The next picture is my closet room! You can only see one wall, but there is another one of those cabinets across from that one, and there is a large armoire with mirrors to the side of the photo that isn't pictured. The last photo is of part of our master bedroom. The door leads to our balcony, and here is the view of Vicenza from it:

   These last few photos are of our yard, and it is probably my favorite part of the house, which I'm incredibly head over heels in love with. The yard is SO huge and has so many different trees and shrubs. There are concrete steps all throughout it because the yard is multiple levels, which is really cool. You can't tell from my horrible photos, but we have not one, but TWO massive patios. I cannot wait to start planting some flowers and hosting bar-be-ques this summer! I never thought that I would be THAT wife, but this house makes me want to be! Is that crazy? Whatever.

  IMG_1705 IMG_1708 IMG_1704 IMG_1719

   Sorry for the picture overload tonight, I just couldn't help myself. Once we are actually in the house and not rushing through to see it, I will be posting better photos. I'm thinking a room-by-room series will be necessary once we get all of our stuff and I've decorated everything the way that I have planned. I seriously can't wait to decorate this amazing house!



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  1. Such a beautiful place!

    Love the pink bathroom & the closet room ;)

    Laura's All Made Up ♥

    P.S Thank you for your recommendation of the ELF Blush on my blog, it sounds like its worth a try rather than splashing out on the NARS one :)